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August 4, 2014

Dr. Norman Katzman A Profile in Success

Dr. Norman Katzman

If you interview Dr. Norman Katzman’s patients, you will hear a chorus of positive and endearing accolades.

“A perfect combination of a conservative, honest, old-school dentist (in very short supply these days), and a new-school dentist well versed in the latest methods and technologies”... Read More

Implant-Supported Overdenture Implant Talk with Dr. James Chen

Dr. James Chen

Often times, we plan an overdenture solely for the patient’s financial reasons. A good example is a mandibular overdenture supported by two anterior implants with locator attachments. As all dentists know, this is obviously a cost effective procedure, however, the principles of indication and contraindications are sometimes ignored. Here are some helpful tips. Read More

Meet Juan Buitrago | Cad-Cam Design Manager

Juan Buitrago

Juan Buitrago began creating teeth at the age of 12 as a part time worker in his uncle’s dental lab. “That was back in Colombia,” he recalls wistfully. “We carved teeth from bars of soap to create what one might call today a crude wax makeup — but it worked.” Read More


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