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The World’s FIRST Prosthetically Driven CT Scanning & Implant Planning Center

Precision Ceramics CT Scanning & Implant Planning Center was developed to bridge the gap between dental laboratory, surgeon, restoring doctor and CT imaging center. We believe the best, most profitable, more rewarding, longest lasting and trouble-free cases are those designed “from the crown down.”

More than a 3D Diagnostic Center

We’ve spent more than 30 years restoring dental implants ranging from subperiosteal, to blades and early root forms, and we understand the challenges and frustrations of wringing prosthetic success from less than perfectly placed implants. 

Our staff and advisory team includes surgeons, prosthodontists, certified and registered dental technicians, orthodontists, radiologists and pathologists.

Whether from your CT imaging center or ours, let us help you:

Scan, Plan, Succeed with Precision Ceramics Dental Laboratory

Our services include:

  • Implant diagnostics and study model preparation
  • Accurate, appropriate scanning appliances
  • Implant planning services
  • Precision surgical guides uses Simplant (Master Site Rating), NobelGuide, Facilitate, Anatomage, and Intelli-Plant model based templates.
  • Radiology Reports
  • Ceph tracings
  • Airway analysis
  • TMJ diagnostics & models

Please call (800) 223-6322 if you would like assistance or have technical questions we're here to help you Scan, Plan and Succeed!


Precision Ceramics takes pride in fabricating quality laboratory products and services, delivered consistently, ON TIME and to your specifications.


On-site Cone Beam CT scanner, complete radiographic services, implant planning assistance and surgical guide fabrication.


Ceramic copings & frameworks, implant services, and removable prosthetics. All delivered FAST, with expert technical support and strict quality control.


25 years experience providing a full range of veterinary dental laboratory services, including orthodontic appliances, crowns and custom fabricated implants.
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