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Our 'Count on Us' Commitment to you

We know that when your patient feels good and looks good - then you look great!

That's why you can 'Count on Us' to deliver the highest quality restorations; on time, every time, to you and your patient. To meet this commitment requires more than the 'WOW' factor of our advanced technology.Lab Photo

It takes skilled technicians, managerial leadership, experience, and an ability to treat each case as an individual opportunity to achieve our commitment to excellence.

Our 'Count on Us' commitment means we produce consistent results through rigorous manufacturing processes. Precision Ceramic's advanced technology limits the human variables, and every piece of equipment, from the auto batch in our model and die department to the wax mill, is in place to control the manufacturing process. We employ automation, magnification, and technician education, in combination with statistical analysis, remakes and touch-up data to crate uncompromised, high-quality restorations.

At Precision Ceramics, you will find in-depth support, technology, and the systems needed to create an excellent patient-provider relationship.

That's because we are more than a high technology dental laboratory lab; we are leaders in the field; men and women with the expertise and commitment to be a 'Count on Us' partner for your practice's success.

'Count on Us' for Dynamic Case Management

Critical to your success is our dynamic case management process. We employ specially designed laboratory management software with barcodes to tract and control cases as they travel through the laboratory. This powerful system provides the three important 'C's' of management excellence:

  1. COMMAND - We select which technician works on a case by experience and proved skills and rigorously inspect their schedules and quality.
  2. CONTROL -  We have total quality control of the materials; right down to their lot numbers as each case moves through the laboratory process.
  3. COMMUNICATION - You can check the status of your case, track shipments and see your account activity. Simply log onto our website at

Dynamic Case Management allows Precision Ceramics to deliver consistent quality, on-time delivery, all to your exact specifications.

'Count on Us' for Advanced Technology

Precision Ceramics' long-term relationships with manufacturers means our laboratory receives some of the most cutting-edge technology first, often before it launches in the market.


Visit our lab and you will find numerous CAD/CAM systems, 3D printers, digital impression systems, scanners and a cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) machine. Our onsite CAD/CAM systems means we can manufacture wax patterns, zirconia frameworks, Prismatic CZ™ restorations and BruxZir® restorations without having to sacrifice our exacting internal standards to an outsourcing laboratory. And while there is no one perfect product for every patient, our array of scanners from 3Shape, Lava™, Etkon™, Procera® and CYNOVAD™ provides you with the freedom to choose a technology and restoration material based on each patient’s needs.

'Count on Us' for Case tracking

We know your chair time is valuable, which is why we provide real time case tracking options. Simply log onto our 24 hours a day, interactive My Account section. Here you can access up-to-date account information, track your cases from arrival to milling to quality control, and tracking numbers follow each case until it arrives at your practice.

'Count on Us' for Patient Education and Treatment Option Presentations

Patient Education
At Precision Ceramics, we are the resource for educating patients about treatment options. In addition to our product information library, we provide dentist clients with patient education kits. Each kit contains literature, restoration case samples and visual guides for all types of restorations. These education kits are a great way to show your patients all of the restoration options available. On our website,, you’ll find articles written by Precision Ceramics staff published in leading dental technology publications. These articles will provide you and your patients with additional information about the cutting-edge technology available at Precision Ceramics.

'Count on Us' for Consistency

It's a common complaint from dentists - They try a new laboratory and, at first, the cases are wonderful, but the quality drops off after the first few cases.

That won't happen at Precision Ceramics!

Or affiliation with a group dental practice specializing in full mouth construction and IV sedation dentistry, means our technicians see first-hand the challenges a dentist faces. They understand the importance of delivering restorations that need a minimal amount of adjustments, if any at all. We’ve turned our DAMAS-certified dental laboratory into a true manufacturing facility with the superior standards necessary to produce consistent, high-quality restorations the first time and every time.


Precision Ceramics takes pride in fabricating quality laboratory products and services, delivered consistently, ON TIME and to your specifications.


On-site Cone Beam CT scanner, complete radiographic services, implant planning assistance and surgical guide fabrication.


Ceramic copings & frameworks, implant services, and removable prosthetics. All delivered FAST, with expert technical support and strict quality control.


25 years experience providing a full range of veterinary dental laboratory services, including orthodontic appliances, crowns and custom fabricated implants.
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