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Over the past twenty years, Veterinary Dentistry has emerged as a distinct and separate specialty within the practice of clinical veterinary medicine.

Precision Ceramics is proud to have been associated with nearly every one of the profession's early pioneers. Working closely with these dedicated men and women, we have helped to develop products, materials and techniques for veterinary dentists featured in text books, journal publications, articles, papers and video tapes. Many of these are still used today. Some are even considered stepping stones in the evolution of veterinary dentistry. We know what works!

Just as in the past, we continue to support the work of veterinary teaching hospitals, specialized extra-curricular programs, as well as private and professional R&D projects. But it is our genuine love of animals that keeps us in the business and allows us to assist veterinarians with zoo and hardship cases at NO CHARGE!

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Precision Ceramics takes pride in fabricating quality laboratory products and services, delivered consistently, ON TIME and to your specifications.


On-site Cone Beam CT scanner, complete radiographic services, implant planning assistance and surgical guide fabrication.


Ceramic copings & frameworks, implant services, and removable prosthetics. All delivered FAST, with expert technical support and strict quality control.


25 years experience providing a full range of veterinary dental laboratory services, including orthodontic appliances, crowns and custom fabricated implants.
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