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Precision Ceramics Dental Laboratory Crown and Bridge Department creates highly aesthetic prosthetics with exceptional fit and finish. We fabricate a wide range of prosthetic materials using digital design and milling technology to ensure that we can meet the most demanding prescriptions and satisfy the patients with challenging needs.

IPS e.max®

If you need to manage a difficult case that requires a balance of strength and aesthetics, then IPS e.max® is the ideal solution for you and your patient. This is an affordable solution, and IPS e.max is an effective metal-free dental restoration alternative with an excellent shade match, and the results will make your patients smile.

Monolithic BruxZir and Noritake Zirconia Restorations

We fabricate our crowns and bridges with these highly translucent Zirconia products. The chemistry in these restorations contain no metal which creates natural esthetics that are predictable and provide excellent results for the laboratory technician and dentist. 

CAD/CAM Multi-Layer PMMA

At Precision, we fabricate our PMMA Provisionals with the proven CAD/CAM design technology, which allows us to create highly aesthetic provisionals. We prepare your preoperative model, using our scanning technology. We fabricate your temporary crown or bridge with ideal contours, contacts and occlusion. All restorations are milled from a solid block of Vita shaded PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate). 

Diagnostic Wax up

The Precision Diagnostic Wax Up is an excellent tool to explain to your patient how you plan to handle their smile restoration. Our dental artists create beautiful wax-ups that demonstrate your restorative plan and greatly increases patient acceptance rates, as well as their ability to help when considering bite issues, occlusal schemes, as well as the vertical and horizontal planes.

Full-Cast Restorations

Precision offers an array of full-cast restorations including; premium gold, economy gold, semi-precious, non-precious and our flat rate gold crown called “Regal Cast” which gold is included in the cost of the crown. These traditional restorative options continue to offer proven longevity of service for cases in the posterior.

Implant Restorations

Precision offers implant restorations created with CAD/CAM technology to ensure a precision fit, quick seating and natural emergence profiles.  Screw-retained crowns are an efficient, cement-free solution that minimize chair time for the final delivery appointment.

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