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Veterinary Dentistry


Products and Services

Non-Precious Crowns

The most popular restoration in veterinary dentistry is the "all metal crown" and for good reason. Metal crowns are strong, abrasion resistant and biocompatible. They require minimal tooth reduction and no special handling or cementation protocols.


Precision Ceramics Dental Laboratory offers Non-Precious crowns, Titanium crowns, Full Cast crowns, and a variety of alloys including surgical steel and gold. 

Tooth Colored Restorations

Tooth colored crowns offer a more natural look than metal crowns. Although they may not be as durable as an all metal crown, it can be desirable to give up a little strength in return for a less threatening appearance. 

Precision Ceramics Dental Laboratory created the CaniZ milled Zirconia restorations. These are extremely strong because they are milled to full contour and do not require a layer of veneering porcelain, thus reducing the amount of tooth reduction. Zirconia restorations can be cemented like a conventional all metal crown. Due to their natural appearance, zirconia crowns are ideal for zoo animals and show dogs. These restorations are strong enough for use on maxillary four premolars.

Implant Services

The use of implants in veterinary dentistry has evolved from anchors used to position prosthetic or therapeutic appliances, to single tooth replacement in all areas of the mouth. 


Due to the unique morphology and space limitations, some cases can only be restored with the use of custom fabricated endosseous implants. These are designed from CBCT or x-ray images and dental study models.

Vet Ortho Appliances.jpg
Orthodontic Appliances

The primary objective of veterinary orthodontics is to provide a comfortable bite for companion animals. Traumatic malocclusions can be painful for pets and painfully expensive for owners.


The most common malocclusions are base narrow canine teeth. Our go-to method is with cast metal, telescopic bilateral incline planes. Some cases may be intercepted and corrected with a direct bonded acrylic incline plane.


Anterior cross bites are common malocclusions. They can be corrected with the following appliances that Precision Ceramics Dental Laboratory creates: Button Bands, Expansion Devices, and Labial Arch Bars, too.

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