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Veterinarian giving white dog a treat.

Veterinary Dentistry

Precision Ceramics Veterinary Division Logo.

It's More Than an Animal, It's Your Patient. 

We Have The Experience, The Knowledge, and The Passion

At the Precision Dental Laboratory’s Veterinary Division, we care as much about your patient and your practice as you do. That’s why you can count on us to manufacture your Veterinary Dentistry case right the first time, and on time. With more than 30 years of experience serving Veterinary Dentists, we know the practice challenges, clinical requirements and that in most cases your patients must be anesthetized not once, but twice.

Our Vet Laboratory

Dedicated to Supporting and Growing Your Veterinary Dental Practice

Materials and technology change and evolve, but strong relationships will always be the key to successful cases, satisfied patients and happy owners. We know the right lab can be a differentiator for veterinary dentists. That's why we are hands-on and believe in honest, personal demonstrating these five commitments to our Partnership for Success:

  1. Access to the person working on your case.

  2. Support for the way YOU practice veterinary dentistry. 

  3. The ability to tackle complex cases.

  4. Support to help you grow your practice.

  5. A trusted business partner.

Meet Jata the Snow Leopard

It's rare that we know into whose mouth the crowns we make go, and even rarer when we can talk about it - but we're excited to introduce this patient to you!

Photos courtesy of Doug Winter, DVM, DAVDC, AVDC-ZWD (Zoo & Wildlife Dentistry)

Jata, is a 9 year-old Snow Leopard who recently moved into the Sedgwick County Zoo, in Wichita, KS in 2021. Doug Winter, DVM, DAVDC, AVDC-ZWD made the discovery that Jata was in need of two metal crowns to help strengthen her canine teeth. Precision Ceramics is excited to have helped this endangered species maintain a healthy diet and active life. We can do the same for your patients too! Call us today!

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Veterinary Dentistry


We've Got This

Precision Ceramics Dental Laboratory is proud to be part of the Veterinary Dentistry Practice Specialty as it has emerged as a distinct and separate specialty within Veterinary medicine. Over these many decades we have been associated with nearly every one of the profession’s pioneers, and through our work with these dedicated practitioners, we have developed Veterinary Dentistry products, materials, techniques and training programs that have contributed to the evolution of Veterinary Dentistry.

Get in Touch

From the simple to complex we have been leaders in this specialty with comprehensive knowledge, technical team, and tools that will support the most demanding professional practice.

Call us today at (800) 223-6322 for help or to send us a case. You and your patient will be delighted with our high-quality work and can-do attitude.

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